Organising a birthday party for yourself, partner, family member or friend can feel overwhelming when trying to please everyone. Everyone has their own personal interests when it comes to entertainment ideas, but one thing we can all agree on is how magic can bring everyone together. Sceptics and enthusiasts unite as one to watch me perform and it can really liven up any birthday party I attend. A party magician like myself can adapt to the tone of any birthday event, so whether you’re hosting a formal or more relaxed gathering, contact me today.

Encourage your children’s interests

Does your child love magic? Most children do! It’s always entertaining to watch a talented magician perform on your birthday surrounding by your friends and family. No matter how shy a child can be, when they watch my magic tricks they are very outspoken about how they can’t believe I did it! Magic can be enjoyed for all ages, encourage your guests’ curiously and excitement with an accomplished birthday party magician.

Make your guests feel more comfortable

Magic is a great way to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed in a social setting. Guarantee a fun evening with an experienced magician like myself, regardless of whether your guests know each other or are meeting for the first time, I can break the ice and get the conversation rolling.

Interactive entertainment for your party

Most hired entertainment is interactive to a degree, for example, hiring a band is enjoyable and fun but people can’t interact much with a live band while they’re performing. Whereas with a magician it’s more fun if guests are interacting and talkative! Hire a truly unique experience for your birthday party with my talented services.

I’m an experienced party magician who has performed for crowds at a broad range of events for over 20 years in Dorset & Hampshire. I look forward to bringing magic and entertainment to every kind of party and event, so contact me on 01970 934427 to have a chat about your requirements.

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