What makes close-up magicians so popular for events

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to keep your guests entertained at an event, close-up magicians offer value for money, require minimal space and offer guests a personal experience.

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Close-up magicians offer value for money

Unlike a lot of bands or acts, close-up magicians don’t come with much equipment. This means that they can arrive shortly before the event and start promptly. No soundchecks or dress rehearsals are required. Close-up magicians pack a lot of entertainment in one self-contained bag.

Close-up magicians require minimal space

Whereas live musical acts generally require a stage and lots of equipment, close-up magicians can work in the smallest of venues. Close-up magicians are free to roam around the room, entertaining everyone from table-talkers to barflies. A magician’s mobility allows them to keep guests enthralled at all times.

Close-up magicians offer a personal experience

Since close-up magicians aren’t restricted to one space, they are able to entertain guests when they arrive and make their way round each table to get up close and personal. This offers guests a much more personal experience, something that is lost if you have to shout to be heard.

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