Are you thinking about entertainment for your own special event? Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or corporate event, close-up magicians have been consistently popular choices of entertainment, but what makes us so popular and why do people enjoy magic so much? Here I discuss the benefits of close-up magic.

Why people love close-up magic

Close-up magic can be performed anywhere, from streets to events, which is what makes it so intriguing for an audience. People tend to be more sceptical and suspicious of, or feel removed from, stage magic, as you are not directly involved in the magic trick. Close-up magic, on the other hand, happens right in front of the audience’s eyes, often with them being directly involved in the trick. This means that people are more interested and invested in what is happening in front of them.

It warms up the crowd

In many scenarios, not all guests or attendees at your event will know each other beforehand. This can make for some very awkward small talk, or the chance of guests splintering into groups and not interacting amongst themselves. This can really put a downer on the party vibe! A close-up magician provides the perfect excuse for people to talk amongst themselves and gets the whole crowd involved as they marvel over mind-bending tricks and illusions.

It’s flexible

Close-up magicians, unlike other entertainment acts such as musicians, are totally flexible and don’t require special circumstances, there’s also no chance of a technical fault happening halfway through their act! They also don’t need much time to set up, so a close-up magician can get straight into entertaining your guests without delay.

I have provided close-up magic shows to a broad range of events over the years, including weddings, parties and corporate events. I can tailor a magic show to suit your audience that is sure to amaze for weeks afterwards! Get in touch on 07970 934427.

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