It is not unusual for people to question what it means when I say that I specialise in close up magic. When people think of magic shows, they often picture the magician centre stage, participating in some elaborate set piece. This is characteristic of stage magic, which is often what you see on television, whilst during close up magic, the magician constantly interacts with their audience, getting them directly involved in the magic themselves. Below are some of the key differences between close up magic and stage magic:

Stage magic

Stage magic is often a much bigger production than close up magic, and involves a lot more people than just the magician themselves. Typically, a stage magician has an assistant who helps them pull off seemingly impossible feats, such as levitation, being sawn in half, impaled in a box, or making animals appear or disappear. There are also a lot of people backstage working hard to create the right effects.
Stage magic is closer to a rehearsed production, not unlike a theatre performance and the setting plays an essential role in the success of the illusions performed. Whilst there is sometimes some level of audience interaction, stage magic doesn’t rely on its audience’s participation like close up magic does and often relies on distance to suspend audience’s belief.

Close up magic

Close up magic is what street performing magicians, party magicians and wedding magicians mostly participate in, and usually employs more everyday objects like cards and coins. Unlike stage magic, the magician spends their time interacting with their audience directly, performing in intimate settings and under intense scrutiny. This means that a close up magician needs to be even more capable and dexterous with their illusions, as they have no props, assistants, lighting or distance to hide behind – everything must be seamless, or your audience watching your every move is going to notice!

I am proud to have been awarded the prestigious title of Close Up Magician of the Year by the world famous Magic Circle in 2006, so have the skills and experience to deliver an excellent close up magic show for you and your guests, whether it be for a party, wedding, or corporate event. To make an enquiry, contact me on 07970 934427.

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