You’ve booked the venue and invited the guests, but what about the entertainment? Thinking about how best to keep your guests entertained can be difficult, especially when your guests are of a variety of tastes and ages. Close up magic is universal, which is why a party magician is an excellent choice for events.

Close up magic is a great ice breaker

If some of your party guests are unfamiliar with each other, then a party magician provides a great ice breaker! My close up magic is highly interactive and gets everyone involved, lifting the mood and giving your guests the chance to be amazed, laugh and provides common ground to talk about what they’ve just witnessed.

Party magicians provide a unique experience

Most people’s experience of party magicians will likely only extend to a children’s birthday party, so providing the opportunity for your adult guests to enjoy a close up magic show is something that they’ve likely not experienced before. Take the opportunity to do something truly memorable and unique for your party guests that they’ll be talking about for months or years to come!

Close up  magic is suitable for all ages

Magic isn’t just for the young, and from my experience, adults are equally enraptured by incredible illusions and tricks performed right under their nose as children are. My close up magic is suitable for all ages and is guaranteed to entertain guests of all ages.

Party magicians can work in all weather

Have you invested in a marque for an outdoor party event, banking on a gloriously hot summers day? Unfortunately, this is England and the weather doesn’t always do exactly what we want it to, especially on special occasions! Thankfully, as a party magician, I can do my close up magic in all weather conditions, keeping your guests reliably entertained regardless of whether they’re out enjoying the sun or sheltering from the rain.

I’m an experienced party magician who has performed for crowds at a broad range of events for over 20 years in Dorset & Hampshire. I look forward to bringing magic and entertainment to every kind of party and event, so contact me on 01970 934427 to have a chat about your requirements.

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