Why your company should offer training workshops

Training workshops have been known to motivate and improve a company’s workforce. Successful companies such as Google and Apple have known for years the danger of unmotivated and unhappy employees. Lack of motivation in the workplace is unproductive, costly for the business and has a knock-on effect to the customer and therefore profits. There are many benefits of training workshops for staff; from positive thinking, confidence to focus and attention.

For more information about training workshops for your company, please contact me today on 07970 934427.

Available Seminars & Presentations

1 Hour Taster Session/Lunchtime Fun

These hour-long sessions are an ideal way for you to get a little taste of what I can offer. While this hour is unashamedly fun (I will demonstrate my skills in pickpocketing, suggestion and sleight of hand), you and your team will also go away with some invaluable tools to benefit your business immediately.

Half Day: Confidence Foundations

This half day seminar runs from 9.30am till 12.30pm (short rest break in the middle) and looks at what true confidence is and how to harness it right away.

I have spent a great proportion of the past 20 years studying this often illusive skill to bring you a tried and tested understanding that will allow you and your staff to experience true confidence and use it as a foundation to build other skills upon.

Half Day: Reality Bending 

This half day seminar runs from 9.30am till 12.30pm (short rest break in the middle) and focuses on how our beliefs, created by suggestions from ourselves, others and our environment, directly affects our output.

Motivate your workforce from the inside out! Interested in training workshops for your company? You can get in touch with me on 07970 934427.

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