A party magician is one of the best ice breakers and is guaranteed to delight your guests at your next event. Here are 5 reasons to hire a party magician.

Party magicians are adaptable to all locations

Whether you’re hosting an event at a fancy hotel or a marquee in the garden, party magicians are suitable for all locations. Party magicians are their own self-contained act and bring everything they need with them to perform close up magic for your guests, so you don’t have to give any consideration to staging or preparation beforehand. This means that after hiring a party magician, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show along with everyone else.

Party magicians help break the ice

Kick-starting your event with live close up magic performed by a party magician is guaranteed to generate a great atmosphere for the rest of the day. Party magicians are uncommon enough at events to provide a unique and memorable experience for your guests to enjoy and will give them plenty to talk about for the rest of the event.

Party magicians are flexible

A good party magician will tailor their show to suit the tastes of each group they entertain and know how to read the room to deliver the best performance. I am an experienced party magician and can perform longer or shorter close magic performances depending on your requirements.

Party magicians create a lively atmosphere

With a party magician in attendance, you don’t have to worry about awkward silences – I entertain different groups whilst the rest of your guests carry on their conversations. However, if conversation does fall silent, it will be replaced with laughter and gasps of wonder – a much better atmosphere for an event!

A party magician provides your guests with another option

If you’ve booked other entertainment for your event, then there’s a chance that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. A party magician provides another option for your guests who may not enjoy your other entertainment, meaning that they are entertained without feeling left out.

Are you thinking of hiring a party magician for your next event? I have 20 years of experience entertaining a variety of guests at all kinds of events in the South. You can get in touch with me on 07970 934427.

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