Planning a corporate event or staff party? Looking for entertainment for the Christmas do? James Brown offers exquisite close up magic for corporate events, client hospitality and office parties. James’ contemporary close up magic is a wonderful way to entertain guests and clients and help break the ice by creating an amazing focus of interest.

Over a 20 year career creating magic and wonder for audiences worldwide James has worked for companies including AFC Bournemouth, Hammersmith Metropolitan Police, the BBC, Southampton Football Club, National Geographic, Bespoke 4 Business and The Kings Fund.

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As well as entertainment, James also offers training workshops for large corporates and SMEs looking to motivate and improve their workforce.

Successful companies such as Google and Apple have known for years the danger of unmotivated and unhappy employees. Lack of motivation in the workplace is unproductive, costly for the business and has a knock on effect to the customer and therefore profits.

To remedy this, companies fill their offices with beanbags and ergonomic chairs yet little changes… the workforce, the people, still feel the same way. It was never about the chairs. Motivational speakers tell us to buy the latest formula for success. A list of rituals we should follow to feel happier and more productive yet we still feel the same.

What if you could motivate your workforce from the inside out? Instead of relying on the latest formula, what if your team believed.

Imagine what would happen to your sales team if they were confident, positive and attentive. Imagine how effective your telesales department would be if they loved their job. What difference would a workforce who were happy and motivated make to your bottom line business?

Within his interactive training events James will teach your staff:

  • how positive thinking and suggestion really work
  • how to alter your own reality to overcome fears and remove the negative effects of failure
  • the foundations to confidence and how you can benefit from it now
  • to understand focus and attention and gain the power to steer other people’s reality
  • how to find the joy in experience

“Once you understand how and why you experience reality in the way you do, you can begin to shape it for yourself and others” James Brown

Available Seminars & Presentations

1 Hour Taster Session/Lunchtime Fun 

These hour-long sessions are an ideal way for you to get a little taste of what James can offer. While this hour is unashamedly fun (James will demonstrate his skills in pickpocketing, suggestion and sleight of hand), you and your team will also go away with some invaluable tools to benefit your business immediately.

From £200


Half Day: Confidence Foundations

This half day seminar runs from 9.30am till 12.30pm (short rest break in the middle) and looks at what true confidence is and how to harness it right away.

James has spent a great proportion of the past 20 years studying this often illusive skill to bring you a tried and tested understanding that will allow you and your staff to experience true confidence and use it as a foundation to build other skills upon.

From £600


Half Day: Reality Bending 

This half day seminar runs from 9.30am till 12.30pm (short rest break in the middle) and focuses on how our beliefs, created by suggestions from ourselves, others and our environment, directly affects our output.

From £600

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  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for being so amazing on our wedding day, everyone absolutely LOVED you and your magic! We've had so many people tell us how amazing you were, they were all blown away! Really hope to see you again soon!

  • Many thanks for your fabulous show, the family are still talking about it, you really made our evening.

  • James! A huge thank you! I've heard nothing but great comments from Saturday evening and am still getting questions and comments of disbelief!  You really made the party special so thank you! I will certainly have you in mind for future events and a number of people have already checked out your website. Including some event management and PR friends so hopefully you'll get some extra work from the party too!.

  • Tony Hooper, Christine Finch, I and all the guests at the party of Saturday night would love to say a huge, huge THANK YOU to our fantastic magician James Brown.  Absolutely mind blowingly Amazing, everyone loved you!

  • The weather stayed mild and dry for drinks in the barn and on the lawn. Inside though was an excellent magician – James Brown – don’t stand too close if you want to keep your watch, belt, tie, wallet……! His card does say professional opportunist! Planning a wedding? Book this guy!

  • We've had a fabulous evening watching James Brown do what he does best. What a great magician. If you haven't seen him in action then you really, really must.

  • Could you please give James Brown a big thank you for making our daughter’s wedding even more fun!! He really is amazing.

  • We first saw James in action at a friend’s garden party, and were completely mesmerised by all the different tricks and magic acts he carried out. We then booked James to ‘perform’ at our middle son’s wedding last June as we thought it would be great to have him going around the tables after the wedding breakfast, to keep our guests entertained. His tricks and sleight of hand amazed and enthralled everyone.  

  • The guests were talking about it for months afterwards, and were all truly in awe .  We are still trying to work out how he did them all – I don’t think we will ever know! It went down so well, that we booked him again for our youngest son’s wedding in July this year. Once more, he totally amazed and delighted everyone. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He will make your occasion a completely unforgettable experience .